A Glance to RPO

What is RPO?

RPO - Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a business model where a company outsource or transfers all or part of its recruitment activities to an external service provider.

According to the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA), the official definition is this: "Recruitment Process Outsourcing is when a provider acts as a company's internal recruitment function for a portion or all of its jobs. RPO providers manage the entire recruiting/hiring process from job profiling through the on-boarding of the new hire, including staff, technology, method and reporting. A properly managed RPO will improve a company's time to hire, increase the quality of the candidate pool, provide verifiable metrics, reduce cost and improve governmental compliance."

Offshore Recruitment

When a company uses recruiters who are based overseas to take on part or all of their recruitment process. This could mean merely finding contact details for candidates, choosing suitable candidates, or taking the candidates through the whole process, from initial contact to job offer.

Advantages of RPO


You can hire RPO on a fixed controlled cost and this automatically, saves organization cost by significantly decreasing average cost-per-hire.

High-Quality Recruitments

RPO have a team of specialized recruiters allowing them to align the required resources to the jobs they support.

Shorten the time-to-hire

RPO handles the entire recruitment process on your behalf. Exp. Professionals analyzes all the process & get the best for you.

Reporting and Analytics

When you choose an RPO, you get the entire process traced and tracked in which you get detailed reports and insights that can help in quick decision making.


RPO allows flexibility for manpower headcount up and down as per your needs. Most of the RPO not bound you with a legal contract.