Why RPO?

Reasons Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Recruitment Process ?

Recruitment is an essential process in any organization. It is the only viable means for selecting people, screening them and checking if they fit your organization perfectly. Recruitment is also that part of the business that can cost quite a sum of money. However, it is an expenditure that you cannot do without since you need people to do and manage your hiring and selection process as you bury yourself with other equally salient aspects of managing your own business.

Why should you consider outsourcing your recruitment functions then? Here are some scenarios that can help you weigh your options.

RPO allows you to have a team (often called a talent acquisition team) who knows how immediate it is for you to have new talents hired under your wing. They can do a variety of recruitment functions simultaneously namely tracking applicants, receiving applications, doing background checks, interviewing, screening, evaluation and hiring. Having all these functions working full cycle makes it possible for you to have the number of talents you want to hire before you reach critical levels in your organization.

Another scenario where the recruitment process is best outsourced is when your organization is small, you need more people to hire, but you want to scale down on your recruitment costs. Ultimately, it is not wise to put a significant portion of your budget on recruitment when you can put it instead on salaries.

Even though the cost is cheaper when recruitment processes are done overseas, you can ensure that quality specialists will be manning your critical needs for recruitment. Also, the beauty of RPO is that the budget for recruitment expenses can change from a fixed cost to a variable cost. Companies can only pay an RPO company per transaction instead of on a regular basis. After all, recruitment is not a constant need. Sometimes the aid of an RPO is needed during a mass hiring and not on a regular basis. By considering recruitment process outsourcing, under-utilization of resources and layoffs due to low activity will be avoided.

Just because recruitment is an essential process does not necessarily mean that you are void of options to have it in a more cost-effective manner. Recruitment process outsourcing or RPO is gaining popularity in terms of business services that can be outsourced overseas. You should consider it too.

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